Artichoke Parmesan Bruschetta on Chicken and Apple Sausage
What's for Dinner?"                           

Try our delicious Mar-Val Dinner Solutions - each month our staff creates recipes to give our customers an extensive selection of options for fresh, quick, convenient and delicious meals featuring recipes made with our Mar-Val Products.

You are encouraged to Send us a copy of your favorite recipe, along with a photo of the finished product and we'll add it to our list.

Although we're always happy to see
you, remember that the time you spend in developing a shopping list is usually less than time spent returning to the store for a forgotten item. Having a list may also contribute to your overall meal quality. Chocolate Lover Brownies

Don't forget our deli has a variety of items your family members will enjoy, from mouth watering entrees, side dishes, salads, deli sandwiches to desserts and more.

Ask to sample any of our unique items and you will be coming back for more!! We will make your visit to Mar-Val Food Stores a good one.
Teriyaki Chicken with Brown Rice
Streusel Coffee Cake