Fresh Produce

Today's shopper is increasingly interested about where their fruits, nuts and vegetables come from and how they were grown.

All Mar-Val Food Stores are in located in close proximity to the world's largest agricultural producing region in the world.

Therefore, we are able to provide an abundant supply of locally grown fruits and vegetables from the large corporate farms and small family farms as well.

Our produce buyer is well aware of the many exotic, tropical and specialty products that are available from around the world, in which our customers are interested. You will find a wonderful selections of these fruits and vegetables when they are season.

The Mar-Val produce staff members keep a eye on the variety of produces offered to be sure they are always fresh and appealing.

"Organic" fruits and vegetables are available in season. Both organic and conventionally grown fruits and vegetables will be stocked as is practical.
  • Apples - many different varieties
  • Oranges - fresh and locally grown
  • Pineapple
  • Kiwi
  • Banannas
  • Grapes - fresh and locally grown
  • Pomegranate - very popular these days
  • Peaches - fresh and locally grown
  • Avocados - great for dips and salads
  • Tomatoes - for cooking and salads
  • Lettuce - good selection
  • Mushrooms - great in soups and salads
  • Celery - a tasty snack with peaut butter
  • Squash- many different varieties
  • Peppers - large, small, mild to hot
  • Melons - several varieties